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4oz OG LOGO JAR, Lid, and SHADE

4oz OG LOGO JAR, Lid, and SHADE

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4oz OG LOGO JAR Set: Keep Food Fresh with Shade & Lid

Discover the ultimate kitchen storage solution with our 4oz OG LOGO JAR set. Keep your pantry organized and ingredients fresh with our air-tight lid and protective shade. Say goodbye to stale snacks and hello to long-lasting freshness!


  • 4 oz. Regular Mouth JAR: Versatile storage for spices, herbs, and more.
  • SHADE: Shields ingredients from harmful light to preserve flavor.
  • Steel Lid and Band: Ensures an air-tight seal for maximum freshness.
  • Lids for Air-Tight Seal and Freshness: Locks in flavor and aroma to keep food tasting its best.

Choose from a variety of stylish colors to match your kitchen aesthetic:

  • Plant (Green)
  • Pebble (Red)
  • Jardinière (Black)
  • Soil (Brown)
  • Pistol (Orange)
  • Calyx (Pink)
  • Vessel (Blue)

Upgrade your pantry storage today and experience the difference! Shop now for premium quality and convenience.

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