Never Gets Stuck

Our thicc 6063 aluminum thread on glass assures you'll always keep grinding. Even the top and bottom grinder are engineered to prevent sticking!

No Magnets

Revolutionizing our grinder, we've ditched the magnets for something truly groundbreaking: introducing the off-center center post! Say goodbye to compressed middle grind and hello to unparalleled consistency and flavor explosion with every use. Get ready to elevate your grinding experience to a whole new level!

Sift or Steep

Our 3D Sifter goes the extra mile by sifting more than you could ever imagine. You can even use it to steep tea or leave it out to catch all your grinds in the 4oz OG Logo Jars. Comes in 3 different Mesh Sizes for finer grinds.

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Ergonomic Handle

The top grinder is fashioned with an ergonomic handle for superior grip you won't find anywhere else. Did we mention it doesn't get stuck?

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Clean With Ease

No bags or special ingredient chemicals needed. Just fill your jar full or rubbing alcohol, let soak for 10-15 minutes, rinse, soap, scrub with a tool brush and voilà, just like new.